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Friday, July 04, 2003

Back to Australia

The latest interesting developments:

- I've re-organised my finances so that my debt repayments each month are greatly reduced (eg. I've paid out my credit card and restructured my personal loan). I was pleased that my bank advised me today that I've been put on a 'preferred customer' list, which apparently means any requests I have of them in future will be treated quicker, and I'll get a better response in terms of credit applications. Nice. Makes a big change from my past, when I didn't have any money most of the time, and my bank didn't know me from Arthur, Martha or Jack.

- I'm planning a holiday back to Australia in October, probably for 3 weeks. First I need to find somewhere to stay for that time.

- A friend of mine in Canberra has got a new job doing what I do. He's only had 2 years experience, whereas I've had 4 years, including management experience. However, he's earning twice what I currently am, and so I've given him my resume and asked him to put me forward for any jobs that come up. I've checked out the position he's got by going to his company's website and looking up the various positions. I found his exact position and, as I said to him, I could do that with my hands tied behind my back and gagged! Surprisingly, and unlike New Zealand lately, they don't require qualifications, but they do require varied and extensive experience. That's me!

So maybe I'll be going back to Australia permanently, before I get a chance to go back for a holiday...

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