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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Old people and buses

What is it about old people and buses? I notice this a lot when I travel on a bus, to and from work. When an old person is about to arrive at their stop, while the bus is still moving they pull themselves to their feet, holding onto the rail really tightly so they don't fall over. Still, before the bus stops moving, they make their way to the exit door, holding onto the rails as they move, always almost falling over, but steadfastly determined to make it.

What is it about old people and buses?

Younger people, with more sense, wait until the bus stops moving before they get up and move to the door.

I think old people are trying to prove to themselves that they're still 'young', that no moving bus is going to make THEM sit still and feel old.

Every day, you see them thrown about by the bus, almost falling over, too weak to do it safely.

What is it about old people and buses, where the young are smart and the old are stupid? The young can get up and move about safely - and while they do, they often choose not to - but the old are fragile and weak, and every time they do it, they risk injury to themselves.

I wonder if an old person's pride is what drives them to risk injury, pretending that they've still got the strength to overcome the odds.

I think what affects me the most is that I consider it stupid, and it frustrates me to see them doing it. I see them ending up injuring themselves as a result, and I wonder what happens to a person's good sense as they get old.

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