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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Day Five


Just got in from having some drinks. Ok, I had 2 butterscotch and bailleys, 2 bourbon and cokes, 1 beer, 2 glasses of water. And that was after 2 beers and 2 cocktails before dinner. I'm surprised I'm still standing, but I'm even more surprised that I seem to be able to drink 'so much' without actually getting that drunk. I'm pleasantly happy right now.

Woke up this morning, uploaded yesterday's journal update via the internet, had breakfast, and then set out for Auckland. Bought a map on the way, to make things easy with finding our way into Auckland city centre. Worked like a charm. Found the backpackers without a problem, then had to organise parking for a 24-hour period. Sheesh. Parking in the middle of a city of 1.4 million people is bloody expensive.

So after we checked in and unpacked (we seem to be packing and unpacking on a daily basis!) we wandered around the city centre for a while, having lunch and going to the Sky City Tower. Then Mel went off to do some souvenir shopping, while I caught up with a girl I've been chatting to online. We spent an hour and a half over coffee, then I met up with Mel again and we went to Computerland Auckland.

The plan was to have some drinks with a few of the guys there, but only Doug was there today, so it was just him and us. That was cool. That was when I had the drinks. Then he went home and Mel and I had dinner, and then went to a nightclub afterwards, from which we've just gotten back from.

Time for bed now.

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