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Friday, October 07, 2005

Walking the cat - again

It's starting to become a habit now. When Deidre and I go for a walkk, if we let Eve out at the same time, she'll follow us, join us on the walk.

The second time it happened was 3 nights ago. She came with us for about 10 minutes, then I picked her up and carried her for 5 minutes along the busy road, and then put her down again on the quieter road where she followed us all the way home again.

It's so cute, and cool. Taking the cat for a walk. Hehehe

She's beside me on the bed while I'm writing this, purring away. She knows she's loved, and I'm really happy about how she's happy, healthy and warm.

UPDATE: Dammit, she's got fleas! Good thing I've got a flea treatment lying around in one of the drawers. She's now been treated. I wonder if that means we'll see little black dots jumping off her like rats deserting a sinking ship... or in this case, a stinking cat (stinking, as in flea treatment).


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Anonymous Karen Lee Field said...

It the time of year, Alan. We did our pets last Thursday.

10/10/2005 05:45:00 PM  

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