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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Highlights of the holiday so far

  • Catching up with Simon and Ben, for the first time in 11 years
  • Seeing my parents again, after 11 years apart
  • Buying a TV, cabinet and kettle for my parents for xmas, which made their lives just a little bit easier and more interesting
  • Deidre's dad telling her and I that he wouldn't mind if I wanted to call him 'dad'
  • Back in Canberra after 4 years and finding that my friends were still my friends - nothing's changed
  • Showing Deidre the kangaroos that abound in and around Canberra
  • Deidre saying she's happy to move to Canberra instead of Sydney

Part of the trip to Canberra, for both her and I, was to find out if she liked it enough to prefer living there instead of Sydney. I'm pleased that she's agreed that Canberra is likely to be a much better place to live than Sydney. Phew!

The next year is going to be interesting...

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