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Friday, February 17, 2006

Arriving in Sydney

Today was quite interesting... We arrived at Dan's place only to find his dogs wouldn't let us in, so we spent all day wandering around beaches, suburbs and shopping centres. That was actually fun, except for it being so hot. But hey, this is the middle of an Australian summer after all.

We had breakfast in a cafe, wandered around the shops, and hung out in a hotel. While there, I checked my email on the laptop via wifi. However, I paid for 45 minutes but got disconnected after 13 mins, and then couldn't get back on unless I paid for more. Frack that!! So I rang the support number on the web page and organised my credit card to be refunded for unused time. It was annoying, 'cause I wanted 45 mins and only got 13. Bastards...

We did more wandering around, window shopping and stuff, before making our way back to Dan's place. Then I fell asleep in the car while we were waiting for him to get home, which was close to 6pm. My first words to him?

"No need to leave a key out, he says. The dogs will let you in after you call out their names, he says. Well frack you, man. Leave a fracking key out next time! Oh, and it's good to see you again." :-)

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