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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Inspiration behind 'Fear'

When I write articles it's often because I'm inspired by something in my life, some event or conversation that makes me think, "Yeh, that makes me want to write about [insert subject here]!" It was the same with 'Fear of failure'.

Over the past... year, Deidre's been discovering a number of 'trigger points'. These are those things which 'press your buttons'. When someone does something or says something that infuriates you, or brings about any kind of extreme emotion, they've 'triggered' an emotional reaction in you. The particular topic which has brought about the emotional reaction is a 'trigger point', a point that is very sensitive.

I have this habit of finding people's 'buttons' and pressing them, triggering emotional reactions in them. I'm not really sure how I do it, I just do. When people get close to me in some way, I often find their trigger points, those things which set off extreme emotional reactions (hi Shawn :-). It can be interesting for me to observe, but I've often been caught up in the trigger myself. This means that the event is inspiring an emotional reaction in me as well. I guess you could call it an 'argument'.

My interest and excitement at starting various businesses to supplement my income have triggered various reactions within Deidre. These have mainly related to various fears of bad things happening, or that my pursuit of business ventures might keep us in New Zealand longer than we would like. We've had a number of 'discussions' (which, to the ignorant observer, might appear to be arguments, but really, they're not :-) about it, and it's ended up with us having a large discussion about it two nights ago. We talked about her issues, and we talked about my issues, the buttons in me that are pressed by how she reacts to various things. It was a good night, with many things discussed and realised and understood by both of us.

It brought us closer, helped us understand more about each others trigger points, and helped us empathise more with each other. The discussion continued last night, where we talked about the fears that each of us has, especially the fears that are behind her trigger points related to my business interests.

At one point I said, "The fear of failing is not going to hold me back from trying." As soon as I said it, I had an article appear in my mind. I didn't know how it would turn out, but I knew I was going to write about the fear of failing, and how 'easy' it is to not worry about it and try anyway.

Just thought I'd share a bit of my life that's led to what inspired me to write it. :-)

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Blogger Chancelucky said...

Probably the one really debilitating fear is the fear of trying.
I"m not a huge fan of Charles Schwab, the brokerage guy, but his speeches often used to be about the number of times he failed in business before he actually succeeded and how he only succeeded because he took the chance that he would fail and got burned.

Of course, it did help that he also married well, but that generally didn't make it into the speeches.

2/03/2006 02:55:00 PM  

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