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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Property investment seminar

Deidre and I went to our first property investment seminar as a couple last night. First time ever for her, and maybe 5th time for me. It was good. I got a lot more from it than I expected, namely Deidre very excited about investment strategies and goals. Excited enough to decide that this is the way of our future.

Indeed it is. I can't see any other way of guaranteeing an easy retirement before I'm 45.

Well, I use the term 'retirement' loosely. What I mean is, I'll be doing the work that I want to do, instead of the work that I might feel I have to do, in order to pay bills. Property investment will create a passive income that will continue to pay the bills even if I choose to do nothing for a month or more.

A passive income is that income that comes into your bank account without you having to do anything to earn it. Property investment is one way of setting that up, so that rental income on properties exceeds the costs of those properties, and thus provide you with a profit - a passive income.

I've been educating myself on strategies and information for the past couple of years. I'm getting closer to using what I know.

What's the difference between a rich person and a poor person? Knowledge and action.

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