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Saturday, July 01, 2000

Starting a new job

The latest news from the NZ front is that I started my new job yesterday. It's going to be great, 'cause it's an internet-support role inside a corporate support company. Basically, the support I have to offer is for home users with their internet access and their computer. Now, because Computerland have never provided home user support before, they don't have any procedures in place to facilitate the support. So yesterday I went through the computer manufacturer's website and accessed all their support information for the computer in question. Now I can easily say that we provide the same support that the manufacturer provide, and if they want any more then they can go back to their supplier. My bosses are happy with that already... I only need training now in their job tracking and logging software, which is probably the hardest thing I have to learn. My work starts on Tuesday, so I have only Monday left for training.

The next news is that Michelle might get a contract in England for 6 months, and if she does then we're going over there to live for that time as soon as my contract with Computerland is finished. That's going to pretty awesome if it goes ahead... 6 months in England... wow!

We're going to a relationship seminar tonight, which is similar to a self-development seminar but applicable to relationships... it should be fun.

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