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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Hunting for a flatmate

Penny moved out over the past week (she's moved in with her boyfriend, so all the best to them. Cheesy ), and so I'm now hunting for a flatmate. I've actually been hunting for the past week, but strangely enough, haven't had any luck. I've put advertisements around the place and even had an ad going in today's newspaper. It's 11:22am right now, and I've had only one phone call from it. It sucks. I don't know if there's just no one looking for share accommodation right now, or if my suburb isn't interesting enough for them, or if my ad sucks, and so on....

However, I've placed an ad in a very popular local message forum full of computer gamers, so maybe I'll get some interest from that (especially seeing as how I noted my high-speed internet connection - which I upgraded last month to a 256k connection).

I'm going to reprint some more ads and place it around supermarkets in the area and in the city, and see if I can find other interesting places to put it.

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