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Friday, September 02, 2005

Who am I kidding?

It's been almost a week now since I got excited about starting my own political party. It was a couple of days afterwards that I came crashing back to earth, and I've been reflecting on it since then.

Who, really, am I kidding? Only myself.

There's been a struggle going on inside of me, between that part of me desiring to save the earth - or at least a small corner of it - and that part of me desiring to let go of desire. No matter what I do, the part that wants to let go of desire always ends up making more sense than the other part of me does.

I want to change the world!
- The world changes daily.

I want to change it to what I believe is best!
- And you, of course, know what's best above all others.

My ideals make sense and they will being people together!
- If they wanted to be together, they would be.

They need to be guided!
- And you're the best guide in the world, of course.

Look, there's too much conflict and I only desire peace.
- Without desire there IS peace.

One part of me wants to help people, while the other part of me wants to let people be what they want - and choose - to be.

I need to find balance.

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