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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Holiday: Day 19 - 21

Day 19 had me going to my friend Peter's place, where we went through some of the Breakthrough Experience. This is a photo of him and his wife Katrina.

And this is a photo of one of his daughters, Elena (not sure if I spelt it right), who was pretending to be me...

Deidre caught up with us on Day 20 (30th) and stayed overnight, getting to know Peter and Katrina - and their two daughters - a little bit, before we moved on to catch up with some of Deidre's friends, David and Celeste (now my friends too).

This was New Year's Eve, and we had a fun night of food and alcohol. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take photos of the food, as I was too busy stuffing my face with it. Here's a shot of David and some wine...

And then there's the shot of us all in their spa, along with some other friends that came over for the New Year's Eve festivities.

To wrap up a lovely evening we did the usual 'Happy New Year!' stuff at midnight, and then sat around the tv watching the Sydney fireworks. Sydney has the best fireworks in the world, without a doubt.

Happy New Year. :-)

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