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Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Indian Aroma really stinks

We went out to dinner last night at an Indian restaurant called Indian Aroma, where the food was great, and so was the service. So great, however, that they actually gave us more than we asked for, and then expected us to pay for it.

Now, this wasn't actually much of a problem, especially after we spent 10 minutes explaining to one of the owners how the misunderstanding occurred, and how the misunderstanding was due to both them and us. The owner offered a 10% discount, which Dan and I thought was fair.

However, the second owner decided it wasn't fair, especially to him. He then proceeded to spend another 5-10 minutes arguing with us some more, implying that we had colluded to try and rip him off, and various other accusations against our moral characters. He basically proved himself to be an arrogant frack, and we were only too happy to have them end up taking the price off for what we hadn't ordered. The arrogant frack, however, told us we were to never come back to their restaurant. This was just after I'd paid for Deidre's and my share. Dan and I looked at him, and Dan, incredulous, said, "You don't want us coming back?"

"No, do not come back, you are not welcome here."

I, in a rare moment of mildly expressed anger, said, "Your attitude sucks!" and walked out. Dan and Karina spent another few minutes trying to appease the situation, to no avail. Dan told us, as we were walking away, that [the arrogant frack] told him that his INDIAN customers never gave him such a problem, blah blah bullshit blah...

All of this over 2 entrees that we hadn't ordered, grand total = AU$26, on a bill for over AU$150. The arrogant, racist and fracked up service by this tosser resulted in this very bad review of the Indian Aroma restaurant. Do not go there. Your money is more important to them than your satisfaction. Their arrogance is more important than your continued patronage. Well, frack 'em. Now the whole world knows.

There's this little business etiquette that says, 'the customer is always right', even if the customer is wrong. By letting them THINK they're right results in their continued happiness. It results in their continued patronage. It results in them continuing to give you their money. And that is, after all, what you're in business for, right? To make money.

To argue with the customer, calling them liars and cheats, pointing out that your Indian friends don't complain, and telling them they're not welcome any more only alienates them. It prevents you from getting their money again. They are your best friends, helping you succeed in life. If you send a big 'fuck you' to the customer, they're just going to 'fuck you' back. This post is my big 'fuck you' to you. When you alienate your customers, you have no idea who they are, or the resources available to them. Now the whole world can learn about your arrogance.

Indian Aroma Restaurant
527 The Kingsway
Miranda, Sydney

Stay away from these arrogant fracks.

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Anonymous lee pletzers said...

sorry to hear about the bad service. Some places are like that though. Indians and many others are fracking tight when it comes to money.

2/24/2006 01:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Nikos said...

You got served by the Curry Nazi!

2/26/2006 03:19:00 AM  
Blogger Alan Howard said...

Lee, nice to see you 'fracking' too. Hehehe

Nikos, I think you're right.

2/26/2006 11:39:00 AM  

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