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Monday, February 06, 2006

Updating the archives

All the content that I transferred over from my old websites and journals was done 'rushed', and as a result I never really gave the entries any titles other than the dates that they were entered. One of the interesting things about them is that as a result of improper titles, they've never been 'search engine optimised'. None of the archived items turn up in anyone's search terms.

So I'm going through them now and giving them titles. I'll then see if I can index them again with Google. And then I'll tag them with del.icio.us. Then I'll finish bringing across old content into this blog and do it properly. So far I have only done 4-5 years worth of content, up to 2003. I still have to transfer the content across for 2003-2005. Oh joy....

Once completed, however, my entire life since 1998 will be on this one blog.

UPDATE 7 Feb 06: I'm very happy that already, the posts that I've created titles for, are turning up in people's searches. Yay! It means that Google/Blogspot automatically reindexes those blogs based on them being titled. Let that be a lesson to you. Use titles in your posts - and content-related titles - so that they get indexed properly and thus bring more traffic to your blog.

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