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Monday, August 07, 2006

Photos - Wanganui, day one

I'm trying a new way of showing photo albums... I use Picasa to work with my photos, and there's a new version that's come out recently that allows you to work with Picasa Web Albums. Part of the web album allows you to share it on your blog, which is what I'm doing now. Could you please let me know if you like this new style of slideshow, instead of all of them on the same page. If feedback is good, I'll keep doing it, otherwise, I'll go back to having them all showing, underneath each other down the page.

Wanganui Day 1
Aug 6, 2006 - 11 Photos
Unfortunately, I only found out about the smudge on the camera lens AFTER I'd uploaded the photos to the laptop at the end of the day. Sorry about that.

In order, the photos show some of the backpackers that we're staying at. It's REALLY HUGE, and really awesome (!), and the photos don't do it justice. I'll do some more later and show them in the next blog entry.

We went for a walk along the river that the backpackers is in front of, until we got to the bridge, and then we came back again. Then we went for a walk through the city centre, followed by a drive to a lookout and climbed 176 steps up inside an old water tower, to get to the top and take some photos of Wanganui and the river.

After that, we went for a drive around this Heritage Trail, which was supposed to take us only an hour. Well, that Heritage Trail can kiss my arse. Almost 3 hours later, we finally made our way back into civilisation. We found evidence of recent river flooding, and there were lots of slips all over the place. Luckily none of them were blocking the road. We tried passing a large truck, and the driver must've been bored 'cause he tried pushing us off the road. Seemed that way at least, when he came out into the middle of the road as we were passing him, and I had to go slightly off the road to continue unscathed. Arsehole.

And then the weather was just bucketing down with rain, which made the lonely road seem even lonelier. But we're back in the warm backpackers now, relaxing after a nice day.

More photos tomorrow... We're returning to Wellington tomorrow afternoon. It's been a nice mini-holiday so far. :-)

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Anonymous Emelie said...

The photo-page you got there was great! Keep it that way if it's more convenient for you :-)

Nice to read about your vacation, say hello to D for me and have fun!

8/07/2006 10:25:00 PM  
Blogger NightFallTech said...

Ah, smudges on lens are not as bad as discovering you had a spec of dust on your Digital SLR CCD during the taking of a hundred odd sunset photos, all of which will now have to be cropped/fixed!

Nice pics.

8/09/2006 02:24:00 PM  

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