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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Life is great... and then it gets better!

I've met a new woman, her name is Nik. About two weeks ago, she came down from Auckland for a break, and caught up with me while she was here. We'd been speaking for a month beforehand, as she contacted me over the internet. When we met, we got along really well, but it wasn't until she returned to Auckland and we talked over the internet again, that we found we really liked each other. It's been quite exciting with all the conversations we've had since then. Her and I are amazingly on the same wavelength, so we've been exploring that.

Unfortunately for Wakana, I felt I had to end the relationship I had with her. Even though we were only dating and it wasn't a full-on relationship, I discovered that she had hoped it would return to that. It was sad for me, because she is such a lovely person. But she was unable to give me what is important to me, and that's effective and extensive communication. The language barrier between us was too great. After quite a few hours of discussion, we're just friends, but I'm not going to see her for a little while, to help her heal.

The experiences I've had with Nik have made me realise what I've been missing, and that's the chance to speak about the deep things in life, to explore thoughts and emotions and lessons of the past. I can do that with Nik, but I was never able to with Wakana. So I made the decision to move on, and see where I end up next.

I think the continuing adventures of my life are returning to normality - filled with excitement!

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