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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Life Coaching

On Thursday a friend of mine, who I've known for a while on the internet (we've never actually met yet in real life), was discussing with me a few of his issues that he was unhappy about. I offered some 'life coaching', saying that if he was after motivation, encouragement and advice about moving past his issues, then I could be of assistance. He agreed, and so I got him to write out an email to me which detailed his commitment to himself and to my assistance, and what he expected to happen and what he expected from me. I replied to it with my own commitment to him.

As part of this little project, he started an online journal to keep a record of his thoughts and feelings, and his progress. Writing it down will be a good method of self-encouragement, to follow through on what has been started, especially in the eyes of other people.

I'm quite excited about this. I know I have a lot of knowledge that I can use with this, along with developmental techniques that I can share with him, and so I'm confident that this will be successful for both him and for me. I say for me, because this will be my first real experience at life coaching, so I'll be learning a lot from it myself.

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