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Saturday, July 30, 2005

So Many Websites!

I've been very excited lately about these blogs. I can make blogs for all types of different subject, and have all of them easily available to post to from a single entry point. It really does make posting entries so much easier.

From that single point, I can do a New Post for any of the blogs, or go to their settings page. I can see how many posts I've done per blog, when I last updated it in any way, and even create a new blog if I want to. Very easy!

A couple of days ago I created Post Your Secret. Today I'm creating a new website. Again! Last year I promised my dad that I would put his book of poems onto a website. I'm starting that today. I'll call him once I've done it to give him the address so that he can go to the library and have a look at it. (You can have a look at it from my profile.)

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