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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Relaxing On A Sunday Afternoon

It's busy here at Starbucks today, and I'm sitting here wtaching the hordes of people while Deidre's in a nearby bookstore, chilling out with some reading.

We did yum cha today, as well as a little bit of house hunting. Due to Deidre having chronic allergies we've started looking for somewhere else to move to, that will have less or no allergy-causing conditions, as well as a few other requirements we'd like to have in a place we move to.

While driving around a bit, we stopped to watch some sailboats, and I got some photos.

I've decided to do the displaying of my photos a bit differently to how I used to. I used to take a whole bunch of photos and put the best of them onto my website photo album. However, I've just recently started inserting photos into my journal to help flesh out the events of my life. What I'll do from now on is create monthly photo albums, which will have the best photos of the month. This will be on top of the random photos in my journal.

I hope they'll complement each other, and that you'll find some enjoyment in viewing them.

UPDATE: We finished the day's house hunting with a drive-by of a place in a suburb called Ngaio. The place looked great, looking new and spacious. However, we couldn't see inside very well, so we rang the representative and asked to see inside. Unfortunately, they're in Auckland until Wednesday or Thursday, so I'm calling them back on Wednesday. Deidre's quite excited about it, so hopefully it'll be nice enough to take. It's not too far from where we currently are, so not that much will change for us.

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