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Friday, September 02, 2005

My World of Warcraft character

I play World of Warcraft a reasonable amount. When I have time to really. This is my character.

His name is Krayc, he's currently 17th level, and he's a Hunter. That's his pet, Kittey. She's a 17th level Nightsaber, or something like that. Now, the reason I'm putting this in this journal is mainly for my interest only. Every 10 levels from now on, I'm going to put a picture of Krayc, and the pet (which might change). I want a record of appearance, just to see how he looks every 10 levels from now on. (Maximum character level is 60.) Subsquent pictures will be done as updates to this post.

UPDATE 10/10/2005

27th Level now

He's getting badder! :-D

UPDATE: 21/11/05

Haven't been playing it since the last update... too many things happening in my life to spend time playing. I'm hoping to get back to it one day soon though.


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