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Thursday, February 23, 2006

More travelling, this time to Christchurch

Here I am, sitting in Wellington airport again, but this time on the way to Christchurch for work purposes, instead of to or from Australia for enjoyment purposes. But it's ok, as I love travelling regardless of whether it's for work or for pleasure. I love sitting in the airport, watching the people go by. I love sitting down and relaxing, knowing that I'm 'working' and that a big part of it is travelling.

When I get to Christchurch I'll be jumping into a hire car and heading off to a new client, to do another client implementation process. This involves getting to know them, helping them get to know the company I represent, along with the service desk that will be assisting them. I'll be getting as much information from the client as I can get, that'll help bring the client into the service desk support process, and allow us to support them as easily as possible.

I really do find this enjoyable, and I've done a few of these processes now. It's great that work is getting me to do more of them. I guess it's also great that I do a good enough job to encourage them to do so. :-)

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