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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Google GDrive

More of my prediction is continuing to come true in the time period I estimated. I love it!

...within the next 12 months, we are going to see the introduction of a global network-based operating system (OS) that will allow the provision of all services - and more - that you are currently used to. Storage space, applications, games, multimedia and the internet will all be available via this single OS.
It's been released that Google will soon be releasing their GDrive, which will allow for infinite storage of all user files:
"With infinite storage, we can house all user files, including: emails, web history, pictures, bookmarks, etc and make it accessible from anywhere (any device, any platform, etc). We already have efforts in this direction in terms of GDrive, GDS, Lighthouse, but all of them face bandwidth and storage constraints today."
This is exciting news.

Again, the biggest issue will, of course, be from those extreme proponents of privacy who don't trust their information residing on an external server. However, I don't see the difference between storing your private data on your computer, or sending it to other people via email - which most people do!

That email is stored on a mail server, even if it's downloaded to yours or someone else's computer. There's no difference between storing it as email, or storing it on a storage drive. They're still being stored somewhere.

And don't get me started on your bank details and credit card numbers and passwords being stored on bank servers...

Moving forward into the future is about increasing the accessibility of our data from any computer, at any location.

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