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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Annoy someone in the US and go to jail

I came upon this blog (Paulies Place) that had a post about a recent law passed in the US. I'd heard of this law, but Paulie put it in such a way that I understood it even more. It's now a crime to annoy anyone on the internet, only if you're doing it anonymously. It's ok to annoy people if you put your own name to it.

I agree with what Paullie said:
...proves once again that lawmakers are no more intelligent then the people who pack your groceries. Seriously, how are they going to define annoyance? I mean, I'm annoyed on the daily just by surfing Blog Explosion. Hell, I probably annoy the shit out of some of you bitches too! Am I committing a crime now? What a steaming pile of horseshit this law represents! You probably already guessed that you have a Republican't to thank for this. Say thank you! Idiots.
As for my own thoughts, I'm curious how this affects people outside of the US who anonymously annoy people inside the US. How is that controlled? Anyone want to help me out with some information on that?

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