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Friday, March 03, 2006

Changing my style of writing

I was talking to mli last night about the Holocaust, and how I write things. During the conversation I realised that I don't actually write with a spiritual outlook. I look at what's wrong, but I don't look at how to make it right. I'm judgemental.

But then, I already knew that. I wrote about it in January, saying:
The style of writing I've been doing for the past few years has been highly judgemental about others. I thought that I was being 'controversial', and 'exercising my opinion', and that if people had a problem with what I wrote then it was a reflection of themselves, and not me.
But it's been saying something about me as well. It's been pointing out to me how judgemental I am.
I really don't like forgetting 'lessons' that I learn, but I guess part of the change process is slipping back into the old ways. The more you remember that you want to change though, the more you actually will change.

New habits take time to form, and while it might not happen overnight, it will happen.

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