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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Promotion at work

Earlier this week I removed a post I made last week, because it became clear to me that what the post was about, was absolutely incorrect. It was easier to just remove that post. However, it became clear to me today that what I thought was incorrect was actually partially correct.

The post I removed was about my excitement on being invited to management meetings that I thought I shouldn't have been, and the only conclusion I could allude to was that I was being promoted. However, early this week other people received the same invitations. Therefore, I - along with those others - believed it was just something standard that was being done to everyone.

Nuh uh. It wasn't.

I had my meeting this morning with the exec manager, and while I haven't been promoted to a management position at this stage, although the role is yet to be completely defined, I have been promoted into a new Client Improvement team, doing more of the work that I really like doing, like helping build client and service delivery relationships.

I'm pretty happy about that, even though the transition into the new team isn't going to begin until May-ish.

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