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Friday, June 09, 2006

US Foreign Policy - 1945 to 1999

(This post was requested by Lee.)

One can only wonder what the world would be like today, if it wasn't for the US sticking their noses into everyone else's business. You can read all the annoying details of US intervention here. This is the condensed version.

Assassinations, military coups, civil wars, or invasions. These are the actions of America around the world over the past 60 years. Don't tell me the world is a better place because of the US. The world would be amazingly better off without US intervention, since many of their intervention has been to remove democratic and stable leaders who were against the US...

China, 1945-49
Italy, 1947-48
Greece, 1947-49
Philippines, 1945-53
South Korea, 1945-53
Albania, 1949-53
Germany, 1950s
Iran, 1953
Guatemala, 1953-1990s
Middle East, 1956-58
Indonesia, 1957-58
British Guiana/Guyana, 1953-64
Vietnam, 1950-73
Cambodia, 1955-73
The Congo/Zaire, 1960-65
Brazil, 1961-64
Dominican Republic, 1963-66
Cuba, 1959 to present
Indonesia, 1965
Chile, 1964-73
Greece, 1964-74
East Timor, 1975 to present
Nicaragua, 1978-89
Grenada, 1979-84
Libya, 1981-89
Panama, 1989
Iraq, 1990s
Afghanistan, 1979-92
El Salvador, 1980-92
Haiti, 1987-94
Yugoslavia, 1999

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