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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Most popular posts

I've gone through all the posts from the beginning of October 2005 and looked at all those that have had people comment in them. A lot of posts have between 0-3 comments, but these are the most popular ones of 4 or more:

Comments - Name of post

7 - Your feedback is required
7 - Tips on being more creative
6 - 4 November 2005 - New Plymouth, NZ
5 - Disciplining kids
5 - Photos - 20 October
5 - The photographer's dilemma
4 - More changes
4 - What are tags and tagging
4 - I've applied for a new role
4 - Web 2.0
4 - Blog review: Bark / Bite
4 - The end of a chapter
4 - Disaster readiness: US vs Pakistan

If we look at the top 3, some equally scored, we see that #1 are about feedback and creativity tips. # 2 is a photo blog post. #3 is an article on disciplining kids (which also just happens to be the most popularl search term that people are visiting this site for. Just shows that disciplining kids is of great interest to people), another photo blog post and an article on photography. Equal in the 4th position are posts on website development, website technology, life and relationships, blog reviews and politics.

I think it's safe to say that these are the most popular types of posts on this blog:

Photo Blog
Articles on life and relationships
Website development and technology

Based on the popularity of posts according to your comments, I'll try to do more of such posts. If any of you have any comments about what you would LIKE to see more of, please feel free to let me know now. :-) Feedback is the top-rated post, so you do love to give your feedback - keep it coming!

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