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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The cat's back

I picked Eve up from the cattery yesterday. It's been quite interesting watching the different stages of her return home.

Stage 1
Who are you and why are you taking me away from my nice warm cattery cage? Whoah! What the hell? You're putting me in that tiny cage? You bastard!

Stage 2
Hey, you seem familiar. Hmmm... and this house... this seems familiar too. Hey, he's letting me out of the cage! Now I can go sniff around and explore. Hmmm... I have vague memories about this place. I think I'm supposed to be doing something... oh yeh, that's right. Feed me!

Stage 3
Ok, now that my tummy's full again, I can continue exploring. I wouldn't mind seeing what's outside... oh yeh, I remember now. I used to live here! Wow, this is so cool! I can go in and out and in and out and in and out, and he keeps on opening and closing the door for me. He must be a nice fella...

Stage 4
Ok, now I'm tired. Good thing this fella's tired too, 'cause I feel like sleeping in his bed. Oh, he's lifting the covers for me to sleep under. I think I'm supposed to enjoy it in there, but nah, too smelly! Hey, there's a cupboard door over here that I can scratch at. I think I used to scratch this, a long, long time ago. There's gouges on it. I think I scratched it when I was hungry... but I think I'll scratch it now to go outside. Yep, thanks for opening the door at 4am!

Stage 5
I feel at home again now. This place is good. And the nice fella likes scratching me behind the ears, which is just great! Hey, if I put my head on his stomach while he's on the phone, and purr really loudly, maybe he'll get me some food! Nope, that doesn't work. Just like the last bastard I have vague memories of... oh well, I'll hang around here and see how things turn out. *zzzsnore*

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