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Friday, December 02, 2005

Spirituality: how to protect yourself

White light protection is a method used by many spiritualists and psychics. It's a very simple process - all you do is imagine yourself surrounded by white light, as if it's an aura, or a protective shield around you.

This white light is your protection from any negative and harmful influences around you. The light keeps the darkness away, and so anything 'dark' is unable to affect you.

How to do it

There are many methods to do this. The easiest is just to imagine yourself surrounded by light. That's it. At the same time, you need to feel that the energy is being given to you by God, or a Higher Being, or Angels, or the energy of the Universe - whatever you feel comfortable with.

It's a good idea to actually request the white light be given to you for protection or for healing. By making the conscious request, you are making it happen. You can make this request in your head, while at the same time imagining that your request is being answered, and you start glowing with the light.

Make it a ritual

You can make it a ritual if you like, to help you remember it, to make it easy, and to help you do it quickly, whenever you wish. You can make up your own ritual if you want, but here's what I do.

I see myself in my mind, and in my head I say the following words:
I call upon the Spirits of Light to stand guard at the doorway of my soul, to protect me from any negative, evil and harmful energies. I follow the path of love, light and truth, and I commit myself to the Light.

As I recite this in my head I see the image of myself in my mind beginning to radiate light, as if I'm a small sun. I feel the heat of it within me, and I feel the calming effect it has on me.

Every time I feel nervous about something, I call upon the light. Every time I feel I might need some spiritual protection, I do this. When I wake up, I do it. When I go to bed, I do it. Whenever I see an idiot on the road, I do it for myself and for them. I've been doing this for over 12 years now, and I've never had anything seriously bad happen to me.

A word of caution

You have to remember as well that it protects you from 'negative, evil and harmful energies'. Sometimes things happen to us that seem negative, but are actually the best thing for us. It won't protect us against them, because they actually aren't negative. Sometimes our life takes a 'turn for the worst', but we later find out that we needed it to be that way. It won't protect us from those things that we need to experience in order to move forward.

White light protection is important if you're thinking about delving into psychic and spiritual activities.

You know that there are people and situations in your life that you need to be cautious and careful about. You take precautions and apply measures to protect yourself. You need to do the same with spiritual and psychic activities. The effects of psychic activities are as real as the effects of physical and emotional activities, and if you don't take the precautions to protect yourself at all times, then you're going to suffer.

Don't choose to suffer. Choose to protect yourself. Practice white light meditation, and feel the protection around you.

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Blogger Terrence said...


I agree with your post that if you are going to "play" with the spiritual world you need to take the necessary steps in order to protect yourself. When I was younger I was not so carefully and had to fight hard, for years, with the results of that. You touch on it briefly in your post but I think it is important to take note that there is a difference between protecting yourself and creating a crutch to avoid dealing with difficulties. As you pointed out some "negative" things happen so that you can learn from the experience, this is an important fact that must be realised by those reading your post.


12/07/2005 04:38:00 AM  
Blogger Alan Howard said...

I personally don't think white light / spiritual protection can be used as a crutch. It's designed to ward off unintended negativity in your life, protect you from the consequences of other people's negative actions. It cannot ward off the consequences of your OWN negative actions, which are a result of the choices you make.

12/07/2005 03:11:00 PM  

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