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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holiday - Day 9

We visited the Australian National War Memorial, the largest war memorial in the southern hemisphere. Australia is very proud of its war history, and this memorial, taking up an extremely large area and 3 levels, is testament to a long history of military engagements. This is just inside the entrance.

The two arched walkways you can see above hold the names of all those who died in the wars that Australia's been involved in. This is a part of one of those walkways...

Here's Deidre looking at a diorama, a model re-enactment of some kind of military engagement. Following it are a number of other dioramas.

There are far too many displays to show you all of them, of course, but they also include a large area that holds a number of World War II planes, including bombers and fighters.

There were also a number of tanks there, including this one.

After we finished with the war memorial we went to Telstra Tower, which is on Black Mountain, overlooking the Canberra region.

From here you can see all around the surrounding Canberra region.

That's all for now, more coming soon.

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