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Friday, December 09, 2005

Prisoners receive compensation

Where the frack does this government get off on paying prisoners compensation for being put in solitary confinement.

A law was passed in June this year (in NZ) that makes any successful prisoner compensation claims go to the victims of the prisoners first. Where the frack does the arsehole in the article get off on saying it's an 'appallingly nauseating piece of legislation' that has a 'callous disregard for prisoners' human rights'. Where was that regard for human rights by the prisoners? If they had regard for human rights, they wouldn't be prisoners!

They've committed crimes against people, for frack's sake, violating their victims' human rights. Some of these prisoners have killed people. How the frack can this fracking arsehole take the violation of prisoners' rights to the fracking UN Human Rights Committee? Which just might award these prisoners MORE compensation!!!

What a world we live in, where people are claiming prisoners have more rights than those people whose rights they violate. This politically correct BULLSHIT is just fracking stupid.

"An eye for an eye," says the Bible.

But, says the justice system, "He took your eye, but he can keep his eye. We'll put him in jail, feed him, clothe him, pay him for any wrongs done to him while in jail, pay him even more if he thinks it's not enough, and then let him back out into society where he can take someone else's eye. If he doesn't like it, we'll pay him some more money. If he takes someone else's eye, we'll go back to step one, maybe even paying him some more money for being a victim of society."


Criminals, having violated someone's rights, indicate they have no respect for rights. Why should we have any respect for theirs?

The 'justice system' actually rewards these people for the crimes they commit. Where's the incentive to not be a criminal? They commit a crime, do time, get paid for it. They have an incentive to commit more crimes! Un-fracking-believable.

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Blogger Alan Howard said...

My friend Kath offered me these comments to place in here.

"Alan also remember these facts when you rewrite the prison system –

People can be lulled subliminally into deeper thinking by baroque music even if they cant hear it while it is being played in their vicinity

Vegetarians are passive – therefore all prison meals should only include fish once per week and all other days as vegetable meals

Yoga is far better for creating calm than lifting weights – all weights should be removed from prisons and replaced with daily yoga sessions

Animals teach humans to be caring – prisoners should come in contact with animals to lull them back into their innocent natures

Idle hands are the devils tools – hard work daily keeps men out of trouble – problem solving keeps the brain alert = utilize the workforce behind bars into a greater good.

Fizzy drinks disturb the digestion so water is a must

Milk is indigestible for adults (makes a cranky gut) so remove milk drinks and replace with teas and water.

12/09/2005 02:38:00 PM  

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