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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Website changes

You may have noticed - especially if your screen resolution is greater than 1024 - that this blog now spreads all the way across the screen, instead of being of a fixed size, plus I've changed the font type for the post headings as well.

For some time now, I've been experimenting with the column layouts. One of the biggest challenges people have is to work with the 'div' tags in their HTML templates. I wasn't able to find an adequate solution to having 3 columns in an easily manipulatable fashion, so I got rid of them. I replaced them with a table, which, while less 'trendy' than using div tags in style sheets, actually works. I can easily manipulate a table, moving columns around, sizing them how I want, and creating as many columns as I want. I can also move the content around in each of those columns, or easily create cells and modify them however I want, and place the content of my choice inside of whatever cell / column I want. I couldn't do this with the standard css-based format before.

I feel much happier now. :-)

I'll be experimenting with the look of this site from now on, making slight changes here and there as I seek out the 'optimum look', something that I'm ecstatically happy with. However, my site is a reflection of me, and it often changes according to how I change. I hope you enjoy the changes that you witness as time goes by.

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