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Friday, March 24, 2006

Personal responsibility

I found a site this afternoon that I thought was interesting: 'Way of the Mind'. What made it interesting?

This is it.

Politicians here, who sometimes remind me of Atlas Shrugged villains, are probably going to say that the kids are minors according to the law, that they aren’t responsible for their actions, that they are the true victims, that this is all society’s fault, that they can’t possibly be seen, or treated, as criminals, that all children are innocent, that this or that is to blame, and so on. In other words, collectivism, and the denial of that bothersome thing called “personal responsibility”.
That's all someone needs to get my attention and become a 'blog I like'. To talk about how people deny personal responsibility. They show themselves to be aligned with my own way of thinking.

I'll be following their blog. You might want to check 'em out too.

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