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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who am I?

We all ask this question of ourselves, every once in a while. I've told you who I am, and I've even talked a bit about my life. But who am I really?

Wil Wheaton, whose blog I've been following for some years now, talked briefly about it today, in a way that made me laugh and laugh...
...as I reflected on it, I kept thinking about the Road. When I knew what my Road was, I knew where my Road was, and I knew how to get back on it. I wasn't as far off it as I thought, in fact. I just had to turn the wheel and step on the gas. It also helped to drive with my eyes open for a change.

My Road is paved with d20s and TRON DVDs and Atari 2600 games. It's lit by the glow of TNG and BSG episodes and the soundtrack is by Vangelis. It's patrolled by Rover and they sell Soylent Green in the rest stop vending machines. The speed limit is 42, but if you flash your Bavarian Illuminati card, you can use the FTL drive to make it to Milliways in time for dinner.

I'm back on my Road, and nobody can take the sky from me.

It also reminded me of when I was talking about the Road I travelled too.

But the reason I laughed is because Wil is 'just a geek'. Coincidentally, it's the name of a book he wrote. But he's a geek like me. And probably many millions of others. And that makes him more 'real' to me. He's not just a celebrity with a blog. He's a geek with a life, and hobbies, who just happens to be a celebrity as well.

Who am I? I'm a roleplayer, a sci-fi fan, a game player, and a writer. I'm a geek. It's so much fun!

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Blogger Chancelucky said...

I just assumed that Wil Wheaton was finishing up at Starfleet Academy a few centuries in the future and probably still has unresolved issues about his mother's relationship with Picard and how that kept him from having a father.

3/24/2006 06:07:00 AM  

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